KIND—a Snack, a Lifestyle and a Community.

I was ready for a change of pace…..

Having worked at a gym for two years, last spring I decided to take on a job that would take me outside. I needed a balance of standing behind the front desk and venturing out into the community. Before I got hired with KIND, I had no idea I could enjoy working and actually look forward to going to work. I’m getting paid to meet people, to help people live healthy lives and to make my community a kinder place.

KIND is a snack company that offers 100 percent gluten free, all natural and non GMO whole nut bars, fruit snacks, granola, healthy grain bars and pressed fruit bars. Their target audiences are athletes and women in their 30’s, who like to live a healthy, active lifestyle. I was hired as a “KBA” (KIND Brand Ambassador), which means I am demoing in stores, working events and partnering with businesses and influencers to grow the brand. Events that we participate in range anywhere from large music festivals to small sporting events and expos, getting to meet new people in a new community every day.

The very first weekend on the job, I was sent out to Temecula Valley for the three day Temecula Ballon and Wine Festival, about two hours away from home. I must have met 100,000 different people that weekend, it was incredible. The people I met loved our brand—I was getting paid to make people happy. With every guest that approached our booth there was a different sense of enthusiasm; maybe they’ve had a gluten allergy for years and now they finally found a snack they can eat, or maybe they’re diabetic and are ecstatic to have found a low sugar snack that they love, or maybe they just flat out love the bars and buy them in bulk because their family eats 20 of them a day.


I was proud to have earned what we call, “KINDo’s” from this event, a recognition of those who go out of their way to make an event run at its best. I received it for having great knowledge of the brand, and communication skills of a veteran ambassador.

Since this Temecula event I have been fortunate enough to work events in Big Bear, Redlands, Riverside, all around orange county, the Del Mar Racetrack and Los Angeles. Each city brings its own character and its own demographic of consumers. Growing up in Long Beach, I have always been immersed in diversity, making working in a new city everyday the best part of the job.

Meeting hundreds of thousands of people over the past year and a half has enhanced my skills beyond what can be taught. It is only through experience you can take the word “stranger” out of your vocabulary. This is the ability to see individuals as an experience, seeing a person and thinking “How are they different from me? What have they been through in their life? What can I learn from their differences and their experiences? How can I connect with this person?” This is the ability to see people as lessons, advice, a door to new opportunities. KIND has taught me to see people as community, as a bunch of small parts that all come together to from one. KIND has taught me to approach everyone with kindness, because you never know what they have experienced, or what they know. KIND has taught me to look at the world differently, with an open heart and the willingness to learn from the diversity each community has to offer.