Anna Guilford is recent graduate from California State University, Long Beach, earning a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and public relations. A Long Beach, California native, she loves her city and being able to attend college close to home in order to keep family close and continue to explore and enjoy the city she holds close to her heart.

Tiled steps, 16th street San Francisco

Tiled steps, 16th street San Francisco

Guilford has held a position as a front desk associate at a high end gym called the Belmont Athletic Club for the past three years, as well as a brand ambassador position with KIND Snacks, for the past year and a half. She was recently promoted at the Belmont to memberships sales, as well as social media coordinator, which put her in charge of creating and planning posts for Instagram and Facebook.

To enhance her writing, editing and design skills, she started an internship with The Fullest Magazine, where she enjoys being submerged in the journalism world. She has also started freelance writing for The Fullest’s sister magazine, Laguna Beach Living.

In her free time, Guilford loves being outside hiking, taking photos, listening to music and attending concerts. She also loves exploring new ways to create digital content and teaching herself new skills on programs like Adobe InDesign.

Guilford specializes in writing, public speaking and customer relations; skills that she continues to build. She hopes to return to college a year after graduating to earn her master’s degree in marketing while enhancing her communication, writing and PR skills.